Right now schools use WhatsApp groups to send info to the parents about the university or college guidelines, examination schedules and updates on college or university events.

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But if we want to send out the same information to whole college students parents? And so, if there are 1000 pupils in the School, I’d love to distribute a School day schedule to other parents. That is precisely where WhatsApp groups fall short. I can also use WhatsApp broadcast, but that features a limit of 256 connections. However, this is time-consuming. Due to all class teacher’s need to obtain message details and contact details from the worried person and need to add parents contact details in a personal phone and have to develop a group or even broadcast and then send a message. Phew!

But then, there are so many colleges that don’t use this gain of WhatsApp. As I saw each and every teacher need to phone the parents to inform about student/parent council program and also have to take the confirmation on whether they will attend the program or even not.

Teaching job is tough enough as it is. Teachers need to also teach subjects, have to be involved in some other school activities, have to contact parents and get confirmation for a few functions. This actually makes the teachers’ life difficult.

Today, there are lots of new methods or software’s created, by making use of that we can reach lots of people in a second. This is not only better but certainly will be a great time-saving thing for overloaded teachers. WhatsApp marketing and advertising and WhatsApp Chabot are several examples of tools that could help.

Are you wondering what’s WhatsApp advertising and WhatsApp chatbot?

These instruments will be released to you in this post. Marketing on WhatsApp it’s essentially Marketing your product on WhatsApp and selling it. As I gave examples above linked to schools, continues with the same topic. For example, it’s the beginning of the academic year and you’re gon na be having an innovative course next year. So just how you will promote it? Using conventional marketing means you are going to put a banner outside of the university or perhaps you will put an advertising campaign in the papers. Will that admission rate actually reach what is expected? It could be, or even might not be. But if you have thousand contacts and you wish to promote your program details through that then WhatsApp advertising will be certainly the best tool. By using WhatsApp advertising tool you can send bulk messages to 1000 contacts.

For individuals that do not know what is a WhatsApp Chatbot, it is really an autoresponder for whatsapp. For an example, in case you would like to invite parents to some student/parents council program and you want confirmation from them that they will attend or not. Then you are able to use WhatsApp Marketing to send a message as this:

Hi, this is the call from “mention university or college Name” enticing you to attend the student/parent council system on “mention Date and time”. Can you verify your presence by answering either Yes or No?

When they send out a reply, it will connect to the WhatsApp bot directly and the remainder of the work will be managed by the bot. Chabot will immediately give you an update if there happen to be any changes to the event schedule or even details of the event. It is going to work like in case you subscribe on YouTube channel and you’ll get the recent video notification from that channel.

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